About This Thing

Chefs are picky about how their food tastes, mechanics are choosy when selecting a car, and English teachers don't like bad grammar. I do website usability, so I pay close attention to how websites work for their users. A little extra time invested in usability can go a long way to help people, and that's why it matters to me.

Venn Diagram of Usability

That's right, I pinned a sticky note to a bulletin board. The cheap ones don't come with an adhesive strip.

If you're also in the usability field, I'm sure you've picked up on a number of things that you don't like about this website. That's understandable. I could also name a number of things wrong with this site, several of which I did intentionally. Hey, no website is perfect—except for www.this-page-intentionally-left-blank.org. It does exactly what it promises. So inspiring.

I'm not here to just vent my frustrations with bad usability. I try to only criticize something if I can offer a helpful suggestion for improving the situation. If you want some advice on improving your own site/app/software, feel free to contact me.